Logitech has introduced a line of keyboards for iPad Air2

Logitech has introduced a line of keyboards for iPad Air2


    Logitech has introduced a new standalone Bluetooth-keyboard Logitech Keys-To-Go. Logitech also updated its current range of protective covers iPad with integrated keyboard – including, Logitech Type + and Logitech Ultrathin, supporting work with the new iPad Air 2.

    On each of the presented keyboards keys are spaced and also provides a number of ” hotkey ” for iOS, which will enable all the navigation to spend on your keyboard, eliminating the need to touch.

    Logitech Keys-To-Go – Autonomous portable keyboard solid thickness of 6.1 mm and a weight of 180 grams. Fabric Skin keyboard cover protects against accidental spills and dirt. Battery runs on a single charge up to three months.

    The keyboard is compatible with all generations of iPad and iPad mini and is available in three colors – black, red and turquoise – for a suggested retail price of $ 105.

    Logitech Type + this Case Keyboard for iPad Air 2 on the principle of ” all in one “. This device uses a thin and light sided protective case as well as an optimized Bluetooth-keyboard, typing which is identical to a similar process on the laptop.

    In position for typing iPad mounted directly above the keyboard using magnets, leaving the possibility to control the tablet with a screen. Logitech Type + has an auto power on and off. When the iPad is mounted vertically in a position to set the keypad automatically when the tablet is fixed for viewing, the external device is automatically switched off as well.

    Furthermore, when closing the lid cover iPad keyboard goes auto sleep mode and turns on when opening the automatic awakening. Logitech Type + is available in black and bright red color, for a suggested retail price of $ 105.

    Logitech Ultrathin is a thin and light cover-keyboard for iPad Air 2. The cover protects the screen of the tablet and is made of aluminum, which is combined with the iPad Air 2 as his mate. Battery life can reach two years, and if necessary it can be replaced easily.

    Adjustable magnetic connector provides tilt iPad, at a convenient angle for printing. Logitech Ultrathin for iPad Air is available in 2 ” outer ” gray (Space Grey) and silver (Silver) colors for a suggested retail price of $ 95.

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