Logbar Ring: control environment through gestures

Logbar Ring: control environment through gestures


    At first glance, Logbar Ring – the usual ring of metal, except that the size of the little things in a few big. In fact the same, the new product is a high-tech gadget, you can manage your environment with gestures.

    The mechanism is simple: the user clicks a special button, draws a finger in the air a certain figure, and then the data is transferred to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. What will happen next – depends entirely on the software that is currently adapted only for iOS.

    In the future, the developers plan to release hub that converts commands from the ring in the IR signal that will greatly expand the potential of new products.


    The housing is made of zinc, but, alas, is not waterproof. The ring is available in four versions, which differ in diameter. Built-in battery capacity of 22 mAh lasts for 1-3 days, depending on usage. To recharge it uses a special docking station to which the ring is literally worn.

    Recently, the gadget is available for purchase. For a set of rings and charger asking $ 270.

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