Linear GD00Z-4: Z-Wave-controller for garage doors

Linear GD00Z-4: Z-Wave-controller for garage doors


    Linear GD00Z-4 – new controller for garage doors, providing protocol support Z-Wave. Installation of this device allows you to integrate the door to the current system of home automation, but the user is able to open the garage same method – with the key or remote control.

    In tandem with the controller operates a sensor that monitors the position of the vertical gate. This addition allows you to learn about malfunctions open / close mechanism.


    Garage Doors – thing difficult and dangerous, so avoid emergency, gadget warns others about the activity using audio and visual alerts. The controller itself is powered from the AC outlet, the same used in the sensor battery.

    The manufacturer claims that his creation is compatible with the vast majority of sectional garage doors that were released in the last 20 years.

    The cost of the controller is 90 dollars.

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