Line drives CCTV WD Purple expanded model of 6 TB

Line drives CCTV WD Purple expanded model of 6 TB


    Company WD, subdivision Western Digital, introduced a new model line of hard disk size 3.5 inch WD Purple. These drives are designed for video surveillance systems are now available up to 6 TB.

    Накопители WD Purple объемом 6 ТБ будут доступны в продаже, начиная с конца ноября 2014 года

    In Drives WD Purple uses proprietary technologies and AllFrame IntelliSeek. The first reduces the number of dropped frames, and improves playback allows you to install more drives in the same chassis.

    The second determines the optimal speed according to the load, reducing energy consumption, noise and vibration, which is very important for continuously operating surveillance systems.

    The manufacturer notes that drives WD Purple range meet all requirements for equipment for surveillance, compatible with modern buildings and the chipset and ready for seamless integration into new and existing systems.

    Like other model series, the new drives feature a cache of 64 MB and a SATA 6 Gb / s. They are characterized by a noise level 25-26 dB (depending on the degree of activity) and the power of 0.4 to 5.3 watts.

    Drives WD Purple 6 TB capacity will be available for sale starting from the end of November 2014, for a suggested retail price of $ 320. On the entire line of hard drives for video surveillance capacity from 1 to 6 TB covered by a limited three-year warranty.

    Source: WD

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