LG promises cheap folding screen

LG promises cheap folding screen


    00083722-photo-nvidia-headquarters-c-clubic-com Manufacturer of screens for various electronics LG Display will release a low-cost flexible panels that can fold up into a tube.

    Write about this IT News referring to 3D-News.

    To achieve a low cost product developers were able through the use of new manufacturing processes and materials.

    The exhibition International Workshop on Flexible Printable Electronics 2014 Cheongju (South Korea), employee research center LG Display Kim Kyung-min (Kim Kyung-min) told reporters that the company plans to use copper materials and technology so-called Roll-to-Roll, reduces the costs of production of flexible displays and, as a consequence, increase their attractiveness in the eyes of customers.

    created by new technology panels can be bent in two layers, which suggests a more flexible structure than LG has ever created before, said a company spokesman.

    in the collapsible screens LG’s new generation instead of aluminum wire copper elements will be used, allowing to reduce production costs, increase the display resolution and cease to release hazardous substances.

    According to Kim Kyung-ming, LG Display has completed preparations for the start of production technology displays Roll-to-Roll. On the timing of the emergence of new flexible displays, the value of which, according to the manufacturer, will be low, not reported. The source claims that the technology will be used to develop the plates.

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