LG Pocket Photo PD239: Instagram on paper

LG Pocket Photo PD239: Instagram on paper


    This year, LG has released the second generation of its mobile printer Pocket Photo. Was capable of accessory, like running and what is it for?


    • Print Type: Color
    • Print technology: thermal
    • Resolution for Color Printing: 313 x 600 dpi
    • Interface: Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
    • Battery: 500 mA
    • Dimensions: 126 x 76 x 20 mm
    • Weight: 0.221 kg
    • Estimated price: $ 146 [easyazon_cta add_to_cart=”default” align=”none” asin=”B00IFS5UL8″ cloaking=”no” height=”28″ key=”small-orange” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”gadgethelp-20″ width=”120″]

    Design and Ergonomics

    LG Pocket Photo PD239

    LG Pocket Photo PD239

    Like the previous model, Pocket Photo PD239 was very compact. It can easily fit in your pocket, not to mention a bag or backpack Road. Compared with its predecessor printer postroynel 4 mm.

    As for the design, it became more interesting. The upper panel is decorated with diamond-pattern, one of the ends slightly rounded. In addition, the user can choose from three colors: the most universal – white and yellow and pink.

    Compartment paper offers easy – just click on the round button on the end. Another button is the side responsible for enabling / unlock. Cboku are also a Reset button and the connector microUSB.

    LG Pocket Photo PD239

    LG Pocket Photo PD239

    On the cover, there are three indicator lights. One of them indicates the operating status and the second alert the user to the shortage of paper, the third time will indicate the need to recharge the accessory.

    As probably already guessed Reader Pocket Photo PD239 is equipped with a built-in battery and can operate completely autonomously. The battery is fully charged in about an hour and a half, after which, according to the manufacturer, it is possible to print 25 photos. At our disposal were only 10 sheets of photo paper, so check autonomy not was not possible.

    The quality of the materials and their practicality in my claims have arisen. We went for a test already battered instance, however, no major scratches on the case was not only here and there small abrasions.

    LG Pocket Photo PD239

    LG Pocket Photo PD239

    How is it working

    Purpose LG Pocket Photo – print photos directly from your smartphone or tablet. It is not surprising that control the printer also offered with a mobile device on which proposed to establish a special application.

    Annex also called LG Pocket Photo and available in AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store.

    As an interface connection using Bluetooth and NFC. Problems with the settings of the application should arise – everything is simple and clear. Moreover, in the application, there is a brief instruction. As boxed with the printer itself. In general, to understand what was going on, it’s easy.

    Immediately after starting the application the user is prompted to select a folder with images for printing, and then – a specific picture. After that, click “Mail Print” and after about 30-60 seconds, get ready to photograph.

    Pre can be directly in the application to work with the contrast and saturation, choose a color filter or use a frame. The function is useful for those who are not particularly friendly with the Editor for iOS or Android. After all, the same free Snapseed has many more functions.

    And here’s an opportunity to add to a photo QR-code, for example, with reference to the correct site, will not be superfluous.

    As in the first generation of Pocket Photo, printing is performed by a special technology ZINK photo paper. Ink and replacement cartridges are not needed, the only type of consumables – Photo Paper.

    LG Pocket Photo PD239

    If we compare the quality of prints, it may be noted that it is greatly increased compared to the first version of the LG Pocket Photo, but still far from ideal. Inexpensive home photo printer prints subjectively better and more popular formats.

    On the other hand, these devices compare is not entirely correct – after all accessory created to quickly print a small photo in a mobile environment. Something like Instagram on paper. In this case, the pictures are about the size of a business card – 50 x 76 mm.


    By cons accessory can be safely attributed the high cost of consumables, ie paper. It is sold in packs of 30 sheets one pack costs 120-200 USD, depending on the store. That is, one shot costs 4-6 USD.

    But on the back side of each sheet has a sticky surface, which is hidden under the film. Thus, the user can simply store the picture in the album, and can remove the film and stick somewhere picture.

    LG Pocket Photo PD239


    [easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B00IFS5UL8″ cloaking=”no” layout=”left” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”gadgethelp-20″]In LG get a good portable gadget to quickly print pictures directly from smartphone. Device improved in design and, most importantly, the quality of prints pulled. For someone LG Pocket Photo is just a toy, for others – a means of implementation of creative ideas.

    It can be assumed that the device will be used at corporate or entertainment events. It can, for example, quickly print photos of guests and immediately ready to hand over the pictures. Whatever it was, its buyer accessory finds, despite the relatively high cost of the print. Otherwise, the manufacturer would hardly released the second generation of this mobile printer.

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