LG is preparing to release two models fitness bracelets

LG is preparing to release two models fitness bracelets


    In May 2014, LG will present the first wearable devices for fitness – Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones.

    LG Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones differ that can most accurately collect and analyze information and easier for users to control their own health. Both devices can be easily connected via a wireless connection to the most popular modern smartphones.

    LG готовит к выпуску две модели фитнес-браслетов

    LG Lifeband Touch features a bright touch OLED-display. The user to easily see all the information about the training, and thus monitor their own progress and adjust lesson plans. Device light in weight and easy to use: it is necessary to rotate brushes – and automatically turns on the display, which is at the heart of a unique algorithm locking movement.

    LG Lifeband Touch is equipped with two sensors – triaxial accelerometer and an altimeter – which work together to provide the most accurate information in real time. In addition, LG Lifeband Touch enables users to monitor incoming calls and messages, as well as listen to music from their smartphones. Thus, they can always stay connected while staying focused on sports activities.

    LG Lifeband Touch-compatible with both OS Android, and iOS app support and LG Fitness, as well as other popular applications, including : MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper and MapMyFitness. 90 mAh battery lasts for five days between charges. And, unlike other devices developed in one size for all, LG Lifeband Touch is available in three different sizes, which makes it comfortable to use.

    LG готовит к выпуску две модели фитнес-браслетов

    LG Heart Rate Earphones, in addition to high-quality sound, can accurately know the current pulse through the use of sensor technology PerformTek, which records blood flow signals. In developing the device responds to the unique physiology of the ear, so users LG Heart Rate Earphones get more accurate compared to other devices information about their health and sports performance, especially during physical activity.

    LG Heart Rate Earphones can be used separately or together with LG Lifeband Touch. Separately mountable medallion provides Bluetooth-connection Lifeband Touch or smartphone, allowing for the exchange of data. By the application of LG Fitness users can get updates on your pulse and maximal oxygen consumption.

    LG Lifeband Touch is already on sale in the U.S. and will soon appear in the key markets in Asia and Europe.

    Features Lifeband Touch: Display: 0.9-inch OLED (128 x 32)
    Battery: 90 mAh
    Support: Bluetooth 4.0
    Bracelet Length: 196 mm (XL) / 181 mm (L) / 166 mm ( M)
    Weight: 53.1 g (XL) / 50,1 g (L) / 49,9 g (M) Features Heart Rate Earphones:

    Battery: 200 mAh [1999024 ] Support: Bluetooth 3.0
    Size: 46 x 33 x 17 mm
    Weight: 26.7 g (headphones) / ’18 (medallion)
    Other: calls through the headset, voice support

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