Laptop HP Stream 11 Pro will be priced business solution

Laptop HP Stream 11 Pro will be priced business solution


    HP is preparing a laptop HP Stream 11 Pro – information on it was found on the site EPEAT, which is testing the electronics and its impact on the environment .

    The new device, apparently, will be the business model of low-cost versions of existing HP Stream 11. The website does not mention the characteristics of the laptop, but it can be assumed that he will receive, for example, a higher resolution screen, more memory and a faster processor than original.

    It is also possible that the HP Stream 11 Pro will be the OS Windows 8.1 Pro instead of the usual Windows 8.1.

    Recall laptop HP Stream 11 is equipped with a 11.6-inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, built on a processor Intel Atom N2840, equipped with 2 GB of RAM and flash memory drive to 32GB. Laptop battery life is 8 hours.

    One of the advantages of this device is its cost, which does not exceed $ 200. In fact, this alternative Chromebook, but on the basis of Windows. While nothing is known about the release dates and cost HP Stream 11 Pro.

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