Keecker: mobile robot with a projector and sound system

Keecker: mobile robot with a projector and sound system


    Keecker – unusual home robot to make the process of consumption of media content more convenient and futuristic. Shapes and sizes of novelty resembles a small white vacuum cleaner, but a functional are: Keecker kitted Full HD-projector allows you to display an image on a wall or ceiling.

    This is complemented by good omni-directional speaker system total power of 180 watts. Robot draws data from the internal storage capacity of 1 TB. Beginner can move independently around the house, they find themselves at the right time in the right place.

    Keecker running Android, you can interact with it using a mobile gadget-based operating system from Google or Apple, or through a web browser. Recharging the built-in battery is provided by the docking station, which the robot visits on their own.


    In addition, Keecker can be used as a security system for the home: the robot reacts to sound or movement and sends a notification to the user. Temperature, humidity and smoke are also designed to detect danger in the early stages. To all other users can connect directly to the robot and control its movements by hand, relying on the picture from the camera.

    On Kickstarter is under way to raise funds for the benefit of new items. In retail Keecker should arrive in September of next year, while the cost will be 4990 dollars. Pre-order now, users can save 50 percent of this amount and get your own copy of the robot a few months earlier.

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