John McAfee has released a secure messenger

John McAfee has released a secure messenger


    Company Future Tense Private Systems (FTC), founded by entrepreneur with a scandalous reputation John McAfee (John McAfee), announced the release of protected messenger for Chadder Android and Windows Phone, writes gadget news blog

    In addition to FTC, in developing an application attended Etransfr company and programmers from Rochester Institute of Technology. The application is available in stores and Google Play Windows Store. IOS version is in the testing phase, it is planned to release in the coming weeks.

    Chadder – free application that allows any user to send encrypted messages. “When you send a message, it is an encrypted text. No one has the key to decrypt the message, including ourselves, except for the person to whom the message is intended, “- said in the description of the messenger.

    “This is a fun and simple application for instant messaging, created to ensure that you are able to keep the conversation confidential. So much so that even we can not read it “- says John McAfee.

    Activity FTC, based McAfee and develop a product as a whole is dedicated to the protection of privacy technologies. “Our mission is to equip you tools that can help control your information and its integrity,” – says the official website of the company.

    In addition Chadder, at FTC have another product – DCentral1. This application is designed to audit access rights assigned to the mobile device programs. While DCentral1 available for Android, but in the near future the company will release a version for iOS.

    John McAfee is primarily known for the company he founded McAfee – one of the pioneers in the market of antivirus products. In February 2011, McAfee was acquired by Intel for $ 7.7 billion and in January of this year, a new subsidiary was renamed Intel Intel Security, which marked the end of the brand’s history.

    McAfee fortune in creating McAfee, but subsequently lost virtually all of their multi-million dollar capital because of unsuccessful investments. To somehow ease their existence, he moved to Belize, where life is cheaper than in the U.S..

    In the fall of 2012, was shot dead neighbor John McAfee, an entrepreneur then went into hiding, fearing that he would be accused of murder. McAfee suspects that the purpose of the murderers could be himself, because of his links with drug traffickers and arms.

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