Insteon “Smart” light bulbs are now available in Europe

Insteon “Smart” light bulbs are now available in Europe


    Insteon American company continues to expand its range of equipment for the European market. This time adapting our realities have been branded LED light bulb that can be integrated into the overall automation network.

    There were presented four products – two ” classic ” modification of the format A19, and two standard solutions PAR38. Couples are formed by applying different retention mechanisms: Insteon offers a choice between an E27 and bayonet B22.


    Solutions format A19 have power 9 W and output luminous flux of 713 lumens. For incandescent PAR38, these values ​​are 12 watts and 968 lumens, respectively. Different and the color temperature: at ” classics ” it is equal to 2574K, at ” spotlights ” Mdash; 2900K.

    Lamps are not able to change the color of light, but the brightness is configurable. New products are fully compatible with other devices Insteon, adapted for Europe.

    The cost of light bulbs traditional format is $ 70 for version PAR38 asking for $ 18 more.

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