Insteon has introduced two new cameras

Insteon has introduced two new cameras


    List of wireless cameras from Insteon added two new models. Both are shooting in HD-format and have a viewing angle of 70 degrees, with one of them is designed for internal use and the other – Outdoor. Communication with the outside world is realized by the Wi-Fi, but the gadgets also have a connector for the power cable.


    Model for internal use is motorized mount that allows you to remotely tilt and rotate the camera. Moreover, the gadget is equipped with a microphone and speaker that lets you use the device for two-way communication.

    The camera lens is surrounded by 11 infrared LEDs that provide support to night mode ” dalnobojnostju ” eight meters. The second device lacks a microphone, speaker and managed joint, but it is protected from rain and other adversities. In addition, this camera is better adapted for shooting in the dark: there already 36 IR LEDs, because of what the maximum range is an impressive 30 meters.

    Access to the picture with the camera can be obtained using the browser as well as through a standard mobile application Insteon. In the latter case means that the recorder is connected to the corporate hub. However, the version of the Windows Phone can do without Insteon Hub, but with the devices on iOS and Android this trick will not work.

    Camera for indoor valued at $ 99, a street version costs $ 20 more.

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