In the Netherlands, presented UAV Recovery

In the Netherlands, presented UAV Recovery


    Yesterday in The Hague Dutch university student presented a prototype of “drone-Recovery” – flying defibrillator capable of reaching victims of a heart attack during the critically important for the life of a few minutes .

    В Голландии представлен беспилотник-реаниматор

    The drone, designed by Belgian Momontom Alec (Alec Momont), capable of speeds up to 100 km / h.

    “Each year in the EU a heart attack affects about 800,000 people, and only 8% of victims survive,” said Momont, speaking at the University of TU Delft.

    “The main reason for the low survival rate of victims of attacks – the slowness of emergency services arriving to affected on average for 10 minutes, the brain dies during 4 to 6 minutes,” he said in his speech.

    “UAV can deliver defibrillator patients in a radius of 2 km from the point home, for a minute, which dramatically increases the chances of survival – from 8 to 80%.”

    В Голландии представлен беспилотник-реаниматор

    UAV has six screws, painted in the standard for emergency yellow color and can carry a load of up to 4 kg – in this case, the defibrillator.

    After obtaining the coordinates of the patient, the drone is automatically sent to the site using the navigation GPS.

    Upon arriving at the scene, the operator, such as a paramedic, can using the built-in camera to examine the patient and help him close to the people to properly connect the electrodes.

    The daily Algemeen Dagblad reported that the prototype is already interested ambulance Amsterdam.

    The developer proposes to create unusual drone-based invention flying “Doctor’s bag” that can carry oxygen mask or extra insulin injections.

    Currently Momont decides legal issues of using the device and hones its design. He hopes to massively introduce his invention for 5 years, which he believes will help save hundreds of lives. It is expected that each drone will cost 15 000 euros.

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