In Italy granted a patent for a unique electric

In Italy granted a patent for a unique electric


    img_19515_page_25257_300x225 In Italy, the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi was granted a patent on a unique-powerful generator. The generator produces energy on the basis of a thermonuclear reaction.

    E-CAT was created by the Italians a few years ago and was sold successfully. However, the application of 2011, a patent for the invention has received provisional refusal.

    The Patent Office, has found the existence of such a device is incompatible with the laws of physics. Not looking for skeptics, September 28, 2011., Presenting expert group experimental evidence that the unique capabilities of E-CAT, with a capacity of 1 megawatt output, the device has been recognized and the first contract for the sale.

    When compared with their old counterparts, used in nuclear power plants – the reactor does not emit radiation outside its shell can not be damaged. At the worst scenario, if the kernel is broken – it just fails.

    The design of the device can be easily disassembled and any part of it can be replaced.

    It is already clear that this device will quickly gain momentum in popularity. And maybe in a few years, podomnet under a commonly used energy sources.

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