IFA 2014. Novelties ASUS: Notebooks EeeBook X205, ZenBook UX305 and smart watches ZenWatch

IFA 2014. Novelties ASUS: Notebooks EeeBook X205, ZenBook UX305 and smart watches ZenWatch


    ASUS event was one of the first within the IFA 2014. And it was still in the “minus first” day. Obviously, the company was in a hurry to show ZenWatch, as wearable electronics becomes the main theme of the exhibition and, happen announcement later, the clock would naturally get lost among the new products from other manufacturers.

    Пресс-конференция ASUS на выставке IFA 2014
    Press Conference ASUS at IFA 2014

    Seriously, smart watches or even a fitness bracelet is already in the portfolio of each manufacturer. But the ASUS wearable device is definitely turned out beautiful.

    ASUS ZenWatch

    Form a system of Android Wear, Google has established rules of the game and equalized the chances of success for market leaders, B-brands and independent start-ups. At the same time, it all becomes too boring. The manufacturer may change the design as you wish, offer arbitrarily accessories, but to the system itself can not to touch. So that the interface and software features for all Android-hours are exactly the same.

    ASUS ZenWatch на выставке IFA 2014
    ASUS ZenWatch at IFA 2014

    ASUS ZenWatch is no exception to this rule. The interface clock is exactly the same as, for example, Xperia SmartWatch 3. only thing that clearly separates ZenWatch – design as close as possible to the design of classic watches. Rectangular, curved glass surface, a thick leather strap.

    ASUS ZenWatch на выставке IFA 2014
    ASUS ZenWatch at IFA 2014

    Display – is a square matrix AMOLED – with diagonal of 1.63 “. Resolution – besides the standard for Android Wear – 320×320 pixels. Outside – slightly convex tempered glass Gorilla Glass 3. General body sizes – 50,6×39,8×7,9-9,4 mm, weight with a strap – ’75

    ASUS ZenWatch на выставке IFA 2014
    ASUS ZenWatch at IFA 2014

    Inside worth 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of storage, as well as all sorts of sensors, including a compass and gyro. Battery capacity – 1.4 Wh. Watch charged via USB, or using a special cradle. There is protection from water / dust standard IP55.

    ASUS ZenWatch на выставке IFA 2014
    ASUS ZenWatch at IFA 2014

    Watch ZenWatch allow you to automatically unlock the smartphone, which they are attached, can operate in remote camera control and presentations. Another nice feature – phone lookup by double-tapping. After double-clicking the smartphone beeps and vibrates. And you can translate your smartphone to silent mode when an incoming call, the screen blanking hours hand.

    ASUS EeeBook X205

    If you remember, ASUS first launched the concept of a small and cheap laptop seven years ago. Since then, much has changed – netbooks, as they were called almost disappeared from the market. So announced at IFA 2014 ASUS EeeBook X205 can be called a revival of the series.

    Коричневый ASUS EeeBook X205
    Brown ASUS EeeBook X205

    Белый ASUS EeeBook X205
    White ASUS EeeBook X205

    This is a very compact and lightweight 11.6-inch laptop on the platform Intel Baytrail, with 2 gigs of RAM and 32/64 gigabyte module Flash-memory storage. In addition, the modest volume of ASUS and Microsoft will offer 100 GB and 500 GB OneDrive in ASUS WebStorage. However, not always, but only for two years. In the role of the operating system – of course, Windows 8.1. And, perhaps, the most remarkable feature EeeBook – non-touch screen. It seems that manufacturers have less listen to Microsoft, and realized that in the format of a laptop touch input makes no sense?

    Клавиатура и тачпад ASUS EeeBook X205
    Keyboard and Touchpad ASUS EeeBook X205

    Порты и разъемы на левом торце ASUS EeeBook X205
    Ports and connectors on the left side of the ASUS EeeBook X205

    The screen resolution is 1366×768 pixels. Above it is built-in webcam with VGA-resolution. In addition, the laptop has two USB-ports, a card reader SD / SDHC / SDXC and large comfortable touchpad without physical buttons.

    ASUS EeeBook X205 weighs just 980 grams, and a built-in battery with 38 Wh provides 12 hours of web surfing. Sales should start in the fourth quarter of 2014 at a price of 199 euros in Europe and $ 199 in the United States.

    ASUS Zenbook UX305

    The most impressive innovation ASUS, oddly enough, in a 13-inch laptop Zenbook UX305. It can be characterized not only as the world’s MacBook Windows. Before such epithets might sound only to the laptops Sony Vaio, which is not developed and not developed.

    ASUS Zenbook UX305 на выставке IFA 2014
    ASUS Zenbook UX305 at IFA 2014

    ASUS Zenbook UX305 на выставке IFA 2014
    ASUS Zenbook UX305 at IFA 2014

    Zenbook UX305 – is extremely high resolution screen (3200h1800 pixels, 276 ppi), very thin (12.3 mm) and lightweight (1.2 kg) body. ASUS has managed fine without composite materials, limiting plastic (keyboard), glass (for the screen) and aluminum. Color options / handling will be two: Obsidian Stone and Ceramic Alloy. Oh, and do not believe those who tell you about the use of a ceramic alloy – is the work of incompetent journalists suffering from poor knowledge of the language. In fact – it is black and white. And these names have been chosen to characterize the texture and another casing. White glossy, black – slightly rough.

    Порты на левом торце корпуса ASUS Zenbook UX305
    Ports on the left side of the case ASUS Zenbook UX305

    Клавиатура и тачпад ASUS Zenbook UX305
    Keyboard and Touchpad ASUS Zenbook UX305

    What else is important to know about the new Zenbook? It is built on the new processor Intel Core M, which has not even officially announced. SSD 128 or 256 GB and a battery that provides 10 hours of operation in the active mode. Set of ports moderately modest. In the presence of three USB, one HDMI, SD-card reader, and mini-jack connector for the power adapter.

    Правый торец ASUS Zenbook UX305
    Right side of the ASUS Zenbook UX305

    Левый торец ASUS Zenbook UX305
    Left side ASUS Zenbook UX305

    Задний торец ASUS Zenbook UX305
    Rear end ASUS Zenbook UX305

    After the presentation, we were able to work a little for the Zenbook. Work, of course, said loudly. But it should be noted that the Zenbook UX305 extremely comfortable keyboard. The keys have a very short reserve descend smoothly and gently, and each is accompanied by a press rezkovat click. It seems that this is the best implementation of the keyboard in such a small package. Apple would be worth closer look at the Zenbook, the more they are going to ASUS notebooks and Apple on some plants.

    ASUS Zenbook UX305 в руке
    ASUS Zenbook UX305 in hand

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