IFA 2014: LG has presented a collection of wireless vacuum cleaners CordZero premium

IFA 2014: LG has presented a collection of wireless vacuum cleaners CordZero premium


    LG Electronics has introduced a collection of wireless vacuum cleaners premium – CordZero. It includes models CordZero Power, CordZero 2 in 1, CordZero Bedding.

    As the manufacturer, complete with technologies PowerPack, Smart Inverter Motor and RoboSense, model CordZero Power is a vacuum cleaner, which helps to effectively clean the house because of the high power of absorption, long-time cleaning and prolonged life cycle in the absence of a cord.

    CordZero 2 in 1 – is a wireless hand vacuum for long-term and easily manageable cleansing apartment. While cordless hand vacuum for cleaning upholstered furniture CordZero Bedding helps protect from unwanted dust particles and allergens, which can lead to unpleasant allergic reactions and skin problems.

    Cordless vacuums CordZero not have wires that must be switched on and off from the wall outlet, allowing owners to get out freely, moving from room to room, without any effort to disentangle knots cord.

    It also significantly reduces the cleaning time, including through quick preparation and easy storage. CordZero Power is equipped with a built-in lithium-ion batteries PowerPack, providing suction power to 200W and sufficient time for cleaning. By division of LG Chemical, these batteries allow up to 40 minutes to get out of low power mode.

    Model CordZero Power engine also equipped with Smart Inverter Motor at 45,000 revolutions per minute. The system automatically follow RoboSense with motorized wheels automatically detects human movement trajectory, and a vacuum cleaner followed him at a comfortable distance.

    System automatically moving and active movement of wheels include four interconnected sensors located on the housing and the handle of the vacuum cleaner, to track the movement and maintain a comfortable distance of about 100 cm from the user.

    The sensor is mounted on the body automatically determines the direction of movement of the handle. Then, the sensor triggers an active technology of the wheel to ensure a hassle-free, convenient and comfortable ride to the rhythm of the user.

    Hoover CordZero 2 in 1 is able to work up to 60 minutes in standard mode and 40 minutes – a powerful mode, thanks to a removable set of lithium-ion batteries. Handle Brush Anti-Tangle Brush with LED backlight features a patented motorized nozzle, preventing winding of hair. Vacuums CordZero 2 in 1 weighs 2.8 kg and is equipped with a nozzle rotates 180 degrees.

    Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Upholstery CordZero Bedding 1.8 kg is designed to reduce the amount of dirt and allergens on the surface of the beds and mattresses. Technology Dual Punch cleans the surface of rattling at 8,000 times per minute. Has built-in UV sterilization.

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