iBox Nano – miniature 3D-printer for $ 189

iBox Nano – miniature 3D-printer for $ 189


    iBox Printers Company decided to surprise the audience and presented a rather unusual novelty.

    iBox Nano — миниатюрный 3D-принтер за 189 долларов

    The developers are going to make 3D-press available literally everyone. Due to what? Appropriate printer, of course.

    He called iBox Nano and this is probably the most compact platform of its kind. System dimensions do not exceed 10 by 20 by 7.6 cm (with a modest weight of 1.36 kg).

    So small and inexpensive devices on the market was not yet. The cost is extremely attractive. The first customers will get it for 189 USD.

    iBox Nano — миниатюрный 3D-принтер за 189 долларов

    For this amount, however, it will be able to buy only the fans of Kickstarter. Mass production of the gadget you want to collect $ 300 000. Donations help authors improve the prototype and start a public sale.

    What are the capabilities of the device? It operates both on mains and independently. In the latter case no charge Nano hold for 10 hours.

    Required to start printing the information comes from an external device. For example – a personal computer, smartphone or tablet. Would the Internet.

    iBox Nano — миниатюрный 3D-принтер за 189 долларов

    With regard to the resolution, it is 0.39 microns axis Z. and 328 microns in the X and Y. Displacement – 40 20 90 mm. Plus very happy no irritating noise – it does not exceed the threshold of 29 dB.

    Understandably, prepared using Nano house or electric – will not work. It is suitable only for small toys and parts. But it is easy to use on the road – it is incredible mobility.

    If fundraising is successful, then the printer will cater to retail in March 2015 issue price – $ 299.

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