How to turn the PlayStation 4 in the laptop for $ 1095

How to turn the PlayStation 4 in the laptop for $ 1095


    If you remember, at the end of last year we wrote about the modders James ” DarkUncle ” Terry, who managed to turn an ordinary console Microsoft Xbox One, the laptop display and the same functionality. Now enthusiast Ed Zarick did the same trick with the PlayStation 4, creating a kind of laptop-based home video game consoles Sony.

    For a project called PlayBook 4 modders took the body of rectangular shape (which, by the way, it is possible to make a new-fangled way of 3D-printing), as well as 22-inch display with a resolution of standard Vizio 1080p. However, the built-in battery is not provided, so that users still have to rely on an external power source like electricity (which, of course, is not always convenient).

    Those who wish to create something like that with my PS4 can enjoy PlayBook 4 for $ 1095 plus shipping, and if you have another enthusiast and re-buy the console itself, ” issue price ” increases to at least $ 1,395. In addition, optional for $ 50, you can add a complete HDMI interface for connection to a television and an external monitor.

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