How to Purchase a suitable IP Camera

How to Purchase a suitable IP Camera



    Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for security monitoring products, but it is very difficult to purchase a suitable IP Camera, especially for those who are not familiar with IP Cameras.

    Our friends from list 5 points that could be helpful:

    1. Real Time Surveillance and Communication
    2. Real Time Events Notification
    3. Storage for Later Check
    4. Easy Installation
    5. Security Problem

    We will explain them one by one.


    For Real Time Surveillance and Communication, we need to pay attention to the following:

    1. Resolution: We can usually see 0.3 MP and 1 MP, but can’t understand what it means. Actually, 0.3 MP means the resolution rate is 640*480, we usually call it VGA; while 1 MP means 1280*720, and we usually call it 720P. The difference between them is the image clarity – 720P is much better than VGA and of course the 720P camera is more expensive.
    2. FOV (Field of View), there are three common cameras in the market:
      • Fixed Camera -The Len’s FOV is the camera’s FOV;
      • PTZ Camera – PT means “Pan and Tilt”, the camera can rotate 90° vertically and 360° Horizontally;
      • Fisheye Camera – with this camera, you can have a panoramic view.
    3. Night Vision: Generally speaking, it is no problem to see things clearly in the daytime, but in the night with no light, we are gonna need the IR function, the distance is about 5 meters and the image is black and white. If you need a colorful image in the dim light, please choose a camera with low illumination.
    4. Two-Way-Audio – IP Camera usually has a Two-Way-Audio function, but don’t expect too much on it, it is really hard to have the same effect like Skype or phone call.

    Stay tuned more are coming.


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