How to choose a reliable battery for your mobile phone or smartphone?

How to choose a reliable battery for your mobile phone or smartphone?


    Modern man puts great demands on the phones and smartphones. In addition to the quality of communication, talking about versatility and reliability of the operating system on new gadgets and apps to simplify work and to ensure a meaningful leisure time.

    However, to fully benefit from all the advantages of these can be difficult when the device you are charged on the last night, the evening of the next day starts strongly require recharging, and soon after all, breathless, turned off at the most inopportune moment.

    Как подобрать надежный аккумулятор для телефона или смартфона?

    In fact, with the rapid progress of actual electronic and digital technology the problem of providing them with reliable and long-running power supplies remains relevant. Developers batteries for smartphones and cellphones make every effort, however, it is clear that as long as there is no qualitative breakthrough was done in this area, progress will be minimal.

    How to understand the currently existing batteries and choose the one that will last as long as possible?

    Three types of batteries

    In today’s market, you can find three types of lithium batteries. This is the original battery counterfeits originals, called Noname, and compatible batteries. Each species differs in quality and price.

    Forgery, or avaricious pays twice

    Buy this type of battery is not recommended. This type of battery can attract a buyer a low price (around $ 4), but this price is for itself and says to buy a quality product at such a price is not possible. Simply put, wanting to save money, you just throw your $ 4 to the wind, because still have to buy a normal commodity.

    Как подобрать надежный аккумулятор для телефона или смартфона?

    To detect a fake is not difficult. As a rule, they are sold in packs of famous brands and have decals of these firms. However, it is all done quite carelessly stickers pasted crookedly

    Compatible Batteries

    Online stores we also offer products of companies Craftmann, KVANTA and Wave. It’s not original, but it is high quality battery models that are fully consistent with the brand name counterparts. Sometimes you can even find the batteries are more powerful than those offered by the manufacturer.

    The price of these batteries depends on the model, but, in general, start anywhere from $ 10 Buy advise to check the quality for yourself.

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