Homemade tablet based Raspberry Pi

Homemade tablet based Raspberry Pi


    Future of portable electronic devices – for modular designs, writes gadget news blog

    This conclusion can be done by looking at Pi-Tab – tablet based on Raspberry Pi in the case of designer LEGO. Feature of the project are its low cost, ample opportunities for modification and use for educational purposes.

    Of course, the project does not become extremely popular among users, but it is quite able to be the starting point for creating a mass of devices with similar concept, in which the end user can pick up all the parameters from the appearance to the operating system.

    The campaign to raise funds for the production of Pi-Tab now goes on Kickstarter, and if it succeeds, to get a complete set of parts of the device will be for about $ 100. However, the purchase of components for the independent production of this tablet will cost about the same amount.

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