Groupon iPad build retail-based terminal system – Gnome

Groupon iPad build retail-based terminal system – Gnome


    Recently, foreign buy site Groupon launched the iPad to create a retail-based terminal system – Gnome, this deep integration of the POS system Groupon’s own sales organization, can easily provide promotional features such as businessmen.


    Gnome retail terminal system only requires the user to download the Groupon application software in the phone, and then enter the store to automatically identify, and the entire shopping process in the absence of printed slip case and without pulling out the phone to complete all transactions. In addition, the system can also be achieved POS machine function, can easily record the transaction in cash, credit cards and debit cards.

    In addition the company also said Groupon, Gnome retail system also provides payment processing services. But Gnome fee to be charged $ 10 / month, and the company needs to charge per transaction for this service in the amount of 1.8% +15 cents. Currently Groupon has begun to vigorously promote such a system, and hope to have more and more businesses are willing to accept such a retail terminal system.

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