Google will launch tablet with 3D-shooting

Google will launch tablet with 3D-shooting


    Next month Google will launch a pilot batch of 4 million tablets to feature 3D- shooting.

    The plates have a 7- inch screen to capture three-dimensional images , they will be equipped with two main cameras , infrared sensor for determining the distance to objects and software (SW) , able to create three-dimensional images.
    The tablet is created as part of the Tango, in which Google in February announced a smartphone with features 3D- shooting.

    Then it became aware of plans to release a small batch of tablets with similar features.
    In addition to the usual stereofotohrafiy already , this device will be able to create three-dimensional maps of the area – is a task requiring expensive professional equipment.

    One way to use these cards may be improving indoor navigation , and the use of augmented reality applications .

    Google traditionally prefers to develop innovative devices and offer it to developers in the hope that it will inspire them to create applications for users.

    By Project Tango, a U.S. company has released the ” smart” glasses Google Glass, have long been available only to developers.

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