Google showed a working prototype of a modular smartphone Project Ara

Google showed a working prototype of a modular smartphone Project Ara


    Google has once again demonstrated a working prototype of its modular smartphone Project Ara. IT-giant hopes to release a new product on the market in early 2015.

    It is expected that Google will sell only skeletons, and users will be able to set yourself on them purchased separately displays, processors, memory, batteries, PV modules, etc.

    In fact, prior to the official release of Project Ara Google has a lot of work, but part of it is intended to be passed on to third-party developers who can create their own modules for smartphones.

    As for the Google, it plans to produce three different endoskeleton, differing from each other in size. As conceived by the head of the project, Paul Eremenko, it will be convenient for those who do not like to always use more smartphones.

    Thus, when the campaign for the party in tight jeans pocket can put a smartphone based on a small skeleton. And when it will be necessary to go to the office, then with a small Project Ara can remove the basic hardware modules and move them to a bigger ” frame “.

    We note that the January 15, 2015 in Mountain View, California, will host a conference of developers Google Project Ara Module Developers Conference. Perhaps, in the framework of its modular smartphone will be shown again.

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