Fully working Apple 1 auctioned

Fully working Apple 1 auctioned


    Good news for those who collect old computers. Had a chance to take hold of one of the most iconic “apple” rarities. Namely – Apple 1.

    Полностью рабочий Apple 1 выставили на аукцион

    He was hand-built by Steve Wozniak in 1976. This debut computer, which the engineer engaged with Jobs. Total founders of the famous corporation produced 200 copies.

    Moreover, states that the model is in excellent condition. Still works fine.

    This fact – a real miracle. Over the past 4 years on the open market by only a few of the PC. Functioned not all: Soup had various injuries and needed to be repaired.

    Полностью рабочий Apple 1 выставили на аукцион

    The owners discussed Apple 1 put it up for auction Bonhams. Trading on the authoritative British site will start on the 22nd of October.

    The proposed “package” consists of a monitor of the company Sanyo, keyboard, user manual and, in fact, the motherboard. It has the number 01-0070.

    What is the price of this kind of artifact Apple Computer? Rather rather big. A minimum of 300 000 USD. But experts suggest that the rich enthusiasts lay out for a unique sample of 500 000

    Would you like to bet?

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