Fridge LG GR-M24FWCVM a minibar

Fridge LG GR-M24FWCVM a minibar


    LG Electronics has introduced on the market a new model GR-M24FWCVM, from the category roomy Side-by-side refrigerators with function Door-in-Door. The volume model (601 hp) has received a mini-bar Door-in-Door, which will provide easy access to frequently demand products through a small door built into the main door of the refrigerator.

    It not only simplifies access to frequently sought-after foods and beverages, but also reduces energy loss, allowing less total open the refrigerator door. Another optional mini-bar Door-in-Door – basket with lifting mechanism.

    It is convenient that the owner can easily change its location, thus adjusting the height of the shelves and placing products of varying heights. Another option is a mini-table. It is a planar surface, enabling to pour the drink into the cup or glass, located in the refrigerator. Thus, you can avoid the hassle of transferring heavy bottles into the dining room.

    LG GR-M24FWCVM equipped with a linear compressor. He is quieter than usual, requires less power (energy efficiency class A +), faster and more efficiently cools the products and keeps the temperature inside the refrigerator at a constant level. The warranty period for a linear compressor is 10 years.

    System LG Total No Frost eliminates the need for defrosting. Function multithreaded Multi Air Flow cooling evenly distributes cool air throughout the interior of the refrigerator. In LG GR-M24FWCVM also have special large sections of Big Fresh Zone for storing fruits and vegetables. Fridge LG GR-M24FWCVM already represented on the market. Retail price of $ 4300.

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