Fresh bread for breakfast – Breadmaker review Philips HD9016

Fresh bread for breakfast – Breadmaker review Philips HD9016


    It would seem, what to buy bread machine when on every corner there is a store or supermarket? Indeed, the choice of breads today is rich and varied, but hardly anyone would argue that homemade bread is much tastier, healthier and more attractive. It is not cheaper, but it – your choice. You wake up not by the alarm clock, and the scent of lush, soft, freshly baked bread. Be sure you need no sausage or cheese on the table when there is a hot, tender and fragrant homemade bread with a golden crisp.

    Today we look at the production of bakery HD9016 Philips. In theory, everything is simple – just throw the ingredients in the bowl, turn on the bakery, take a delayed start mode, and in the morning our bread ready.

    Options and appearance

    Bakery box with Philips HD9016 is not very heavy, but quite cumbersome, although it has two holes for carrying. In general, transport oven manually is not very convenient. Stove itself sufficiently compact and does not occupy much space in the kitchen. The power cord is long enough and makes it easy to put the stove in any convenient location.


    Bakery Philips HD9016,
    Bowl for cooking
    Blade with non-stick coating
    Hook to retrieve the blade,
    Operating Instructions,
    Glass of yogurt
    Service book,
    Recipe book.


    BREAD Philips HD9016
    550 W
    The coating forms
    Non-stick (Teflon)
    Weight baking
    Prior to 1000 grams
    type control
    viewing window
    The number of programs
    Delayed start function
    Yes, up to 13 hours
    heat mode support
    There are, of up to 1 hour
    Crust color selection
    Additional Features
    Preparation of yoghurt

    The housing is made of plastic, bowl, and where all the ingredients are laid out, with non-stick coating. On the front side is the control panel – display and 6 buttons (program selection, choice of degree of crispy crust, start / stop, the weight and the “+” and “-” to control the time).

    From the top, on the cover, there is a plastic window – it is to watch the process of cooking. No complicated bells and whistles – it’s simple and intuitive.

    C BREAD Philips HD9016 also comes a recipe book. Selection of recipes are not so rich, mostly bread, though bread is really a lot of varieties. Unfortunately in the cookbook recipes no cupcakes, no variety of sweet pastries. The book tries to truly educate bread oven – in the beginning describes the basic ingredients, the weight and volume measures. For each prescription written variations – ways how to change the dish to make it more interesting, or cook it in a different way.


    To test was chosen French bread. The recipe is simple enough – pour some water, add salt, add the flour and fall asleep yeast. After that, turn on the stove to the network, select the desired degree program and crispy crust.

    French bread is baked for about 4 hours, so the easiest thing to do as advised by manufacturer of the stove – put delayed start and go to sleep, wake up in the morning to the smell of freshly baked bread.

    French bread was cooked three times – with different crispy crust, and all three times the bread was a success. Propechen bread on all sides, not fried, propeksya inside and was very tasty. Bakery Philips HD9016 allows to arrange a wonderful breakfast of fresh bread with butter and tea. The taste of the bread was a bit salty, and what should be the French bread.

    The second test was the recipe for white bread with cherries. Unlike in cooking only that the middle have to add baking signal dried cherries. The result is a good dish to lean tea.

    The third test was the Philips HD9016 Breadmaker yogurt. Very unusual dish for the bread machine. Cooking recipe proved to be very simple – you need to pour in a special container, bundled, UHT milk, and add 50 grams of yogurt. You can, of course, add berries, raisins, jam, but it is after cooking.

    Will yogurt long – just three hours. As a result of the 50 grams of yogurt really is a whole liter. Again, in the morning – a lovely breakfast. Sorry, can not be put on the right night to prepare bread and yogurt.

    Consider all 12 programs Breadmaker Philips HD9016.

    “White bread” – for the preparation of white bread
    “Fast baked white bread” – more rapid preparation of the bread, as compared with the program “white bread ‘, but will have a smaller grain size and higher density
    “Bread of seeded rye flour” – you can mix and baking rye flour
    “French bread” – bread obtained easily and crispy
    “Sweet pastries” – bread get sweet and crunchy
    “Express-baking” – cooking bread faster, but the bread is light in color
    “Bread gluten-free” – suitable when using gluten-free ingredients, it takes more time
    “Whole wheat bread” – provided the preheat mode, the grains have absorbed the water and swelled
    “Yogurt” – for the manufacture of yoghurt
    “Test” – to mix ingredients and dough without baking
    “Jam” – for making jam
    “Cakes” – for making cakes

    In the cooking process, you can watch the baking through a window in the lid, and the display shows the time remaining until the end of the process. Stove during kneading noise loud enough, the process usually takes a few times, but in other modes in the whole process proceeds silently.

    During operation of the stove vent in the lid comes out hot air. By cons design can be attributed the caveat that during baking lid not locked. Excessive interest in the process of baking bread can cause burns – large baking temperature.

    To clean the oven easily enough. To do this, just need to get a bowl and wash it from the remnants of bread, even without detergents.


    BREAD Philips HD9016 – quite handy and compact kitchen appliance. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for roasting meat than other Breadmaker boast, but it allows you to make homemade yogurt. The device is extremely easy to use – no complicated functions, user-friendly control.

    gt;gt;gt;Compare Philips HD9016 with other Breadmakerslt;lt;lt;

    The process of cooking, thanks to the accompanying recipe book, simple and easy – just put the ingredients in the correct sequence and click a couple of buttons on the stove. The cost model Philips HD9016 in Moscow retail at the time of writing this article was about 3700 rubles. Of course, for this money you can buy from the bakery at least a famous brand, which will be more feature-rich – not only to bake bread, but also cook meat dishes. But we should admit that its primary function of bread baking oven Philips HD9016 handles excellent.

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