French designers have made of 3D-printer automatic tattoo machine

French designers have made of 3D-printer automatic tattoo machine


    Tattooing-Machine_300x225 We have a lot of time considering various 3D-printers in recent years, however, a Parisian design studio Appropriate Audiences decided to modify one of the 3D-printers and make it automatic system for tattoos.

    The modified model was named Tatoué and is now able to create incredible designs on human skin at a speed of up to 150 punctures per second.

    The French “hackers” have replaced the print head 3D-printer MakerBot, usually working with plastic materials, and replaced it with the ink supply needle, and added a special sensor that scans the surface of the skin, allowing the system to automatically change the mode in accordance with the texture of the concrete area of ​​the skin.

    The creators of automatic tattoo machine explains the operation of his invention:

    “We use the triaxial apparatus, which was almost completely overhauled us. Make a similar 3D-printer available to the masses – a very difficult task.

    However, before we can open a wide variety of applications ranging from medicine to fashion. However, our approach offers a completely different version of the use of such machines – tattoos on any part of the human body. And now we are trying to actively develop this option. ”

    “From the beginning of our project, we actively consult with professional tattoo artists, and only plan to strengthen this cooperation in order to better adapt our car to work with different styles.”

    The group is created automatically tattoo machine, currently embarked on a full development of this system to eventually make it commercially available. Video of an automatic system of tattoo can be viewed at this link.

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