Freescale SABRE AI admits Internet of things in the car

Freescale SABRE AI admits Internet of things in the car


    Specialists of Freescale Semiconductor created a hardware-software system for the development, provides “Ethernet connection of motor level” needed to build infotainment and control systems, software and camera work telematics. The solution supports real-time data in the vehicle, replacing the more expensive alternatives.

    Development called SABRE (Smart Application Blueprint for Rapid Engineering) for Auto Infotainment (AI). Her “heart” act Freescale processor series i.MX 6. More precisely, the basis of SABRE AI processor boards are SABRE Automotive Rev2 processors i.MX 6Quad ​​and i.MX 6DualLite (MCIMX6QAICPU2, MCIMX6DLAICPU2).


    It is assumed that the system is mainly focused on OEM, accelerate and simplify the implementation of technology Ethernet Audio Video Bridging (AVB). Using SABRE for AI, you can combine a large number of multimedia units on board the vehicle. At the same time presented a software stack AVB Ethernet for this system.

    Reducing the cost and simplify the wiring is provided by the use of two-wire channels CAN. At the same time, SABRE AI supports Ethernet physical layer interface 100 Mbit / s and the use of multi-port switch that allows to adapt the system for specific queries.

    According to the manufacturer, SABRE AI allows you to “connect cars with their drivers, the cloud and the rest of the Internet of Things.” While the study available images. The wide availability expected in the first quarter of 2015.

    Source: Freescale

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