Flow Miniature Controller: Mouse Reinvented

Flow Miniature Controller: Mouse Reinvented


    Most recently, we talked about the Swiftpoint GT input device A device positioned as an alternative to the mouse attempting to raise funds for their release on the site Kickstarter. As it turns out, at the same time and on another crowdfunding site – Indiegogo – the Flow Miniature Controller campaign has reached its initial funding goal.

    Flow Miniature Controller

    Flow Miniature Controller is designed to replace the mouse, combining the functions of a precise tactile control, touch input and gesture recognition. Externally it presents a washer of 70 mm diameter and 15 mm height.

    The Flow Miniature Controller connects to your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth LE 4.1. Without replacing the power supply the controller can operate for at least four months. Flow’s metal ring rotates, the upper part acts as a capacitive touchpad and buttons, and inside there is a sensor capable of managing gestures. The controller can be programmed to perform precisely those functions that are most often required by the user. According to the developer, the list of supported applications is already goes back to programs more than three decades old, including Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, Premiere, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube.

    In order to organize the production of the device, the campaign needed to raise $50,000. You can get the device for about $100. Deliveries are to begin in June 2015

    Source: Indiegogo

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