Flash card, which will ensure the safety and anonymity of the web (video)

Flash card, which will ensure the safety and anonymity of the web (video)


    Флешка, которая обеспечит безопасность и анонимность в Сети (видео)

    Recently, the issue of security and protection of user data Internet becomes more and more acute. The reason for that are not just hackers, but also the desire to control the activities of public service users and decide for them what information you can get, and how much – should not be.

    Given that almost all large corporations operating in the field of information technology, somehow cooperate with special services that rely on complete anonymity for the use of their products is not necessary; so a variety of enthusiasts develop their own means of controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic.

    It serves that purpose WEMAGIN – compact USB-module, which is completely anonymous web browser. On assurances of developers, none stranger or the program does not see to your activity, and he does not preserve history, cookies and cache of visited sites. Just getting WEMAGIN and paying a monthly subscription cost of $ 6, users have access to cloud storage, files which are encrypted complex 256-bit algorithm.

    Upon successful completion of the campaign, the device will go on sale early next year for about $ 200.

    Source: kickstarter

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