Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge


    Fitbit announced three wrist gadget, one of which is comparable in functionality with smart clock. This information is published in the company’s blog.

    Fitbit Surge The company introduced the model Fitbit Charge, Charge HR and Surge. The latest model – the most functional, it has a touch screen and the functions of a smart watch. For example, the older model has a built-in GPS-module for accurate accounting of distance, heart rate sensor and a wireless adapter for synchronization with smartphones on energy-efficient protocol Bluetooth LE.

    Built-in three-axis sensor can accurately take into account physical activity not only in walking and running, but also in other types of physical activity. The screen also displays information about calls and messages received on a connected smartphone.

    Cost Fitbit Surge declared at the level of $ 250, deliveries are expected in early 2015. Despite the large number of supported functions, the manufacturer declares 7-day battery life of the gadget.

    Models Fitbit Charge and Charge HR equipped with small OLED-displays for displaying information (current time or distance traveled).

    Functionality younger model includes automatic switching between records of daily activities and sleep cycles, the distance covered and the energy expended in view of vertical displacement: gadget allows the user to turn on, take into account that there is no motion in a straight line, and up the stairs.

    Phone activity is limited by vibration when an incoming call and the number and the contact who is calling. Exercise data are summarized on the website Fitbit.

    According to the company, the device is able to work seven days without recharging. The gadget has a water-proof case. The device is already available for sale at a price of $ 130.

    An improved version of the Charge HR to the functions listed above younger model adds the ability to continuously measure heart rate, notification of the planned order of the day for physical activity. The company claims a 5-day working offline gadget. It goes on sale in early 2015 at a price of $ 150.

    The company Fitbit is one of the major players in the wrist unit. According to the forecast IDC, in 2015, wearable electronics market should reach $ 7.1 billion.

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