FiLIP 2 – smart watches for kids

FiLIP 2 – smart watches for kids


    Children – the same people. Nothing high tech alien to them. Yes, some small representatives of humanity is still too early to wear Pebble or Moto 360. But age – not a reason to abandon the smartest hours.

    FiLIP 2 — умные часы для детей

    Funny gadget – especially for such cases – the engineers came up with AT T. The device is called FiLIP 2. It is a hybrid of a phone that can be worn on the wrist and tracker for kids.

    This is not the first experiment of the company. Last year, the developers have released the first version of the market device. Public interest in novelty was quite large.

    Now on sale the second – enhanced modification. The design is bright, playful. Quite capable of like a child. Though – to be honest – is FiLIP 2 more for the parents.

    FiLIP 2 — умные часы для детей

    Special mobile software marks the position of the ‘owner’ on the map. And lets you know if he is outside the defined area. At any moment you can call to clarify – if all is in order.

    Present alarm clock, displaying the time and support SMS.

    For the moment there is an emergency alarm button on the case. Pressing it activates a special mode. The unit will automatically redial the number of mom, dad, rescue services and so on. Does not meet one contact list – called next.

    FiLIP 2 — умные часы для детей

    Even the designers to increase the strength. Damage the clock on the playground has become more difficult. Plus – the size of the bracelet is adjustable, which makes it possible not to be afraid of “growing attacks” (when bought last thing on his hand today does not fit).

    FiLIP 2 syncs easily with smartphones based on iOS and Android. Price question – $ 100. True invention is sold exclusively in the United States – the operator AT T.

    AT T’s latest smartwatch for kids is both easier and tougher – Your kids may be too young to put a Moto 360 or Pebble on their wrists, but that does not mean they’ll have to go without a smartwatch. AT T is now


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