Feel like a Parisian: review Breadmaker Redmond RBM-1905

Feel like a Parisian: review Breadmaker Redmond RBM-1905


    In Paris for breakfast or eat fresh croissants freshly baked bread. It is as much a part of the highlight of the city, like the Eiffel Tower. Find fresh pastries in small bakeries – Boulangerie, which are scattered around the city in large numbers. Unfortunately, here in Russia, bakeries are not on every corner, but fresh pastries often want nothing less than the French. This problem is solved portable kitchen making bread. Today we look at one of them – from the company’s Redmond, model RBM-1905.

    Box with oven

    The manufacturer promises that using a bread machine, we can not only cook fresh bread or other baked goods, but also baked dishes and desserts. The cooking process is quite simple: it is enough to fill a container ingredients – and the device itself is kneaded the dough, give it brew and vypechet appetizing ruddy loaf. Beep to remind that it’s time to add fruit or nuts.

    In theory, everything is easy as pie: intuitive display, the control panel of a few buttons – all this should make the cooking process elementary even for people who have never been in the kitchen. If the theory of everything is so simple – it’s time to move on to practice!

    The furnace itself

    Options and appearance

    Box with bread maker is sufficiently large and weighty. Transportation manually might be uncomfortable, but we must save the plastic handle for carrying. But not saved – it is quite flimsy and obviously not withstand the weight of the box. As a result, the handle has served only some hundred meters, and then pulled away safely. The advantages soundly inside the package is the fact that a fall from a height of two feet on tiled bread maker itself is not affected, there is not even any trace of incidence.

    Package oven

    Package Contents:

    • Bakery
    • Bowl for cooking
    • Beaker
    • Spoon
    • Blade with non-stick coating
    • Hook to retrieve the blade
    • Operating Instructions
    • Service book
    • The book “101 recipe”

    Specifications of Redmond RBM-1905
    550 W
    The coating forms
    Non-stick (Teflon)
    Weight baking
    700 900 grams
    type control
    viewing window
    Number of programs
    Delayed start function
    Yes, up to 13 hours
    keep warm mode
    There are, of up to 1 hour
    Crust color selection
    Additional Features
    Preparation of cereals, desserts, braising, roasting

    Package Contents

    Breadmaker is large enough (24h24h30 cm) and allows you to bake bread weighing 750 or 900 grams. The housing is made of plastic, is located inside the bowl with non-stick coating, and where all the ingredients are laid out. On the front side is the control panel – display and 6 buttons (program selection, choice of degree of crispy crust, start / stop, the weight and the “+” and “-“).

    Simply and very comfortable, no frills. Top, on the cover, made plastic window – it is to watch the process of cooking. The only drawback is sufficiently short power cord. Had to use an adapter to reach the outlet kitchen. However, we all have different specialties, but a place for the bread maker will still have to pick up closer to the outlet.

    Control Panel oven

    Deserves special attention for bread machine recipe book. Surprisingly, using the stove can not only bake bread butter or anything, but to cook the meat – and not the only way. Recipe book written specifically for those with household appliances “you” or simply do not know how to cook. Each recipe consists of a picture of what you should get, describe dishes and simple instructions on how to cook – how much, when and what to put in the bread machine, and what buttons to push on the control panel.

    Recipes, instructions and those passport


    For testing, we chose three dishes – plum-cake, meat, French bread and yogurt. First in line was a cupcake. Breadmaker is easy to use and ready to use right out of the box. Just insert the stirrer in the bowl and turn the stove to the network. Includes measuring cup, which simplifies getting the right ingredients in the right quantity.

    The most beautiful in the preparation of the cake was that the dough does not need to interfere manually and wait for it to come up. Just load all the ingredients in the order described in the cookbook, choose how crispy crust we want to get, specify the mode of cooking and press start. Our work is complete: dough bread maker stirs itself – and it is incredibly comfortable!

    We have already mentioned that the stove has 12 programs, look at them in more detail. “Main program” – suitable for baking plain white bread. “French bread” – for the French bread, without use of butter or milk. “Whole wheat bread” – before going on display kneading ingredients approach, the program leaves the dough for a longer time. “Fast baking” – baking sweet pastry using dry yeast or baking soda. “Sweet pastries” – for sweet bread with fruit, nuts or chocolate. “Gluten-free” – bread with a mixture of baking gluten free. “Express” – for baking muffins. “Test” – to mix ingredients, kneading dough. “Porridge Jam Jam compote” – for milk cereals, jam, syrups and compotes. “Cake” – a program basis for baking cakes. “Bread for sandwiches” – a program for toasting bread. “Baking Stew Baking” – this program makes bakery in the oven.

    In the cooking process, you can watch the baking through a window on the lid, and the display shows the time remaining until the end of the process. The disadvantages include the fact that during baking lid not locked. Nothing will prevent a child or too clever (or, conversely, not too smart) open the animal and get a serious burn, because the temperature in the oven is quite high.

    The result of the first test was the cake. Unfortunately he was very far from perfect: cake burnt bottom and top nedopropechennym helpful, but inside our culinary masterpiece did was soggy. Moreover, the process of baking the cake using Redmond RBM-1905 took longer (an hour and forty five minutes) than the author of this article would have spent on the cake baking in the oven, “old-fashioned” (about an hour). So with an entree stove failed.

    The second was the meat in French. Here stove did not disappoint – the meat turned out great: with a golden crust, soft and pleasing to the taste. As successfully passed yogurt and baking bread. Bread came fragrant, soft, crispy and really with a slight taste of yogurt. So spoiled cake can be attributed to the “worst-first”.

    When cooking is always the most unpleasant – washing and cleaning. Wash this breadmaker was not difficult. Bowl, in which the baking, can be easily removed and cleaned even without special cleaners. It also can be simply put in the dishwasher. Display clean cloth from fingerprints and bread maker acquires its original appearance.


    BREAD Redmond RBM-1905 – very handy kitchen appliance for baking. Unfortunately, it’s not perfect, especially for the manufacture of baking, but allows you to cook different meats. In general, the device is extremely easy to use – no complicated, questionable functions, user-friendly control.

    gt;gt;gt;Compare Redmond RBM-1905 with other breadmakerslt;lt;lt;

    The process of cooking, thanks to the book of recipes, it is so simple that it can cope with even a child. Wash the stove there is no difficulty.

    So bakery Redmond RBM-1905 can be a wonderful gift as a good hostess and comfortable assistant for your own kitchen.

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