Exoskeleton without motors allows to hold heavy tools

Exoskeleton without motors allows to hold heavy tools


    mfc-fortis-photo05-h_300x225 Most of the existing exoskeletons are bulky servos and batteries. The company Lockheed Martin has developed a more elegant exoskeleton Fortis, which does not require power. At the same time he is able to keep the weight of the tool 16 pounds indefinitely.

    It looks like a Fortis military ammunition, but is primarily intended to facilitate the work of the workers, who are forced to hold heavy tools for long periods in his outstretched hands. There are no hydraulic or electric motors: only articulated swivel arm attached to the exoskeleton at the waist.

    At the end of the shoulder is the attachment point of the tool. Worker holding a tool the usual way, but it is attached to the exoskeleton through the swing arm and the weight of the instrument is transferred to Fortis frame made of aluminum and carbon fiber.

    The remainder of the exoskeleton developed taking into account the structure of the human body: it is attached to the legs so as to not hamper movement. Estimated Lockheed Martin, Fortis can repeatedly improve productivity – up to 27 times (depending on the task), and reduces the risk of injury, making the job much less tedious.

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