EXom drone uses optical and ultrasonic sensors for obstacle flyby

EXom drone uses optical and ultrasonic sensors for obstacle flyby


    senseFly Swiss company known for its industrial drone, fixed wing, for example, eBee and swinglet CAM. After buying her company Parrot, letting quadrocopter, senseFly presented drone eXom. Novelty is equipped with a set of optical and ultrasonic sensors that allow it to avoid obstacles and fly autonomously.

    Беспилотник eXom использует оптические и ультразвуковые датчики для облёта препятствий

    Parrot has released AR.Drone, equipped with one set of sensors located on the bottom. The ultrasonic sensor is used for measuring the height of the working principle of the sonar. The optical sensor is an optional camera and allows to keep the UAV relative to the surface, revealing her remarkable detail and focusing on them.

    eXom uses the same principle, but is equipped with five sets of sensors. These are located on left and right sides of the housing and the bottom, rear and front. This arrangement allows the sensor drone review of 360 degrees allows you to fly around and any obstacles from whatever side they are.

    Front Sensor Kit deflected vertically by 270 degrees, and additionally equipped with HD camera and a thermal imager. The latter suggests that eXom intended for industrial use, such as the inspection of bridges or large structures.

    Controls drone with a special application installed on your smartphone or tablet. In the ScreenFly, the operator specifies its interesting point on the screen, and eXom automatically flies to the specified object, passing the camera image in real time. In standalone mode, the user specifies on the smartphone screen area you want to explore, and the drone will fly her own choosing a route, and then land at the starting point.

    Also eXom can fly manually, in this case, the sensors alert the operator of the danger of collision with surrounding objects.

    Specifications, release date and price has not been announced eXom, and at the moment we can only see the record of his first flight.

    senseFly’s eXom drone uses visual and ultrasonic sensors for precision flight – Swiss company senseFly is best known for its fixed-wing industrial drones, such as the eBee and swinglet CAM. Parrot, on the other hand, has made its name with its consumer quadcopters. So, now that Parrot has owned senseFly for a couple of years, what’s the result? The new senseFly eXom quadcopter, which uses multiple visual and ultrasonic sensors to avoid obstacles and maintain precise autonomous flight.


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