Endurance tests also run points, Ann Bunny hardware detection V2.0 beta version release

Endurance tests also run points, Ann Bunny hardware detection V2.0 beta version release


    Bunny with a run of Ann grabbed the hearts of all Android users, and even tentacles also extended to the iOS platform, but in addition to performance, battery life is everyone’s concern, and now Ann Bunny hardware detection private beta version V2.0 exposure, provide accurate scientific endurance test program, not simulation using artificially excluded interference, just like running a performance evaluation that can understand the life situation of the equipment. Due on Android phones and Android tablets have completely unified system, so endurance test for mobile phones and tablet are common.

    Portal: official website to download the address http://soft.antutu.net/soft/antutu-tester.apk

    hastened to run a sub it.

    had to provide basic security Bunny hardware detection hardware parameters, screen color, multi-touch testing, endurance testing programs are also available, but it needs a complete discharge test, the elapsed time is longer, the new version offers a new testing program , according to cycle time shortened to score in the form of direct presentation, the future will gradually improve, translated into life under different scenarios,

    now launched the endurance test is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated features we later will become Ann Bunny evaluation must be installed to run alongside one in software.

    process is very simple, a key to complete, in addition to Tutu also has video performance testing software, are the same style, with a huge database and ranking, Ann Bunny more than you know your equipment.

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