Eight new devices for running, swimming and fitness, which may soon be on the market

Eight new devices for running, swimming and fitness, which may soon be on the market


    Another group of devices for fitness appeared on crowdfunding resources Indiegogo and Kickstarter. It seemed that even the new can come up in this area, where almost every week we see the announcement of another manufacturer to issue a fitness tracker, which, of course, better than others. Almost all the devices allow you to track physical activity of any kind, but other than that they all offer training, assistance, new techniques for its owner. Consider eight devices, which seem to be the most attractive.


    The creators of this device called it “the first activity tracker designed for swimmers.” Xmetrics mounted on the back of the user’s head to the strap points for swimming.

    The device determines the style of swimming, considers sweeps, measures the duration of employment, time for a circle, the quality turns and almost in real time provides feedback via connected headphones. Moreover, the gadget monitors standard parameters such as number of calories, productive employment and the degree of achievement of the objectives.

    The data are sent to the appropriate mobile application that allows you to screen the general understanding how advanced swimmer in achieving their goals. All data that is collected on a smartphone, or may be transferred to coach colleagues for comparison.

    In its crowdfunding of developers eager to get $ 50,000, but is not very successful in this. The company says that in the case of achieving the goal of financing, they will start working on the next version Xmetrics, which must be include other aspects of the training process, including swimming in open water.

    The estimated price of the device – $ 199. There is another version Pro, which ask for $ 299 and which differs custom audio feedback, unlike the fixed version of the standard device.


    AnkleMax designed for a single, but important task – to prevent ankle sprain in sports. Anyone who has experienced this (probably almost everyone who has ever played sports or jogging), knows how this unpleasant and painful injury.

    This is an extremely simple device prevents podvertyvanie stops before it reaches comes a position in which there is injury. Ie This device operates as a barrier between the outer side of the foot and a solid surface returning the foot to the normal position and not allowing damaged ligaments.

    AnkleMax attached to the outside of any kind of shoes (sneakers, running sneakers, shoes, etc.). It does not interfere with normal walking or running, and can be selected by color to match the shoes and clothes in style.


    The developer of medical devices, the company offers Oxirate BodyEcho, fastened on the head tracker sleep. This device measures the heart rate, oxygen saturation, movement, temperature, respiration, and uses this data to monitor sleep.

    Data on each night forwarded to the appropriate application which analyzes them, and provides the results. In particular, the application shows how long the user asleep, how much time he spent on going to sleep, as he was breathing during sleep, how many periods of REM sleep, and what is the optimal duration of sleep should be the owner of the tracker.

    The application is available for Android devices and iOS, in addition, there is also a web version.

    The company expects to receive $ 100,000 to bring the product up to the counter and to date have received about a fifth of the necessary funding. But they have another month to achieve their goal.

    The estimated cost of the device – $ 100.

    Mbody Coach

    The company released Myontec shorts Mbody Coach with integrated sensors that measure the load on the muscles of the user, his heart rate, rhythm, balance ratio. Works in tandem with this “device” application during physical activity offers the user a variety of tips, a “virtual” coach.

    The application can advise the athlete extend the Warm-up exercises or focus on technique to optimize the training sessions. Upon completion of training, the application offers the possibility of comparing the exercises, review of the data and sharing information with friends via social networks.

    The estimated cost of the device – $ 499.


    The company has developed an unusual SensoTrack fitness tracker, which, unlike its competitors, is not placed on the arm or leg, and on the ear. Tracker can measure your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and respiratory rate.

    Also, all other standard specifications – the number of steps and calories, speed, level of activity, body position, height and location. All measurements device conducts real-time driving permanent record. Furthermore, SensoTrack helps establish and implement goals of physical activity, including, for example, the intention to pass a day not less than four miles away.

    All data is sent in an application that allows users to download workout options, share cross-country routes and receive suggestions on organizing the next workout. The developers have provided version for mobile devices (Android, iOS), as well as the web version.

    The device will cost $ 245.


    Another device – Lumafit, which is very similar SensoTrack, but nevertheless they have different developers. Lumafit – this is a fitness trainer who monitors your exercise, and he’s a coach on meditation that will support you in a healthy mind in a strong body.

    It is a small plastic device that is placed over the ear and is secured thereto by a clip. In the clip, resembling the familiar finger-clip pulse oximeter, integrated LED and pulse sensor, which monitors it continuously. In Lumafit also built-in accelerometer, which tracks the movement of the head and the body as a whole.

    The device comes with 3 applications, including for counting steps and exercises at home, the application for a gym and an application for meditation and breathing exercises. Ergonomic shape makes Lumafit virtually invisible.

    The functions Lumafit also include the control of pace and momentum, counting calories, control the rhythm of breathing. Such a device can be used in a variety of sports, from aerobics to bodybuilding.

    The cost him approximately $ 110.


    The company has developed UniverSole insoles with sensors that counts steps, calories burned, and the load distribution on the foot during different exercises and walking. The device provides feedback while the user walks, runs, rides a bike and even when he is standing. The sensors are very thin, placed inside a soft shell and no inconvenience to the user.

    The data are sent to the application that can work with devices based on iOS and Android.

    The company is trying to get funding in the amount of $ 75,000, but it is unlikely that they will succeed. While they have in the account less than $ 1,000, and up to the end of less than 20 days.

    By the way, a strange fact – most recently on the Kickstarter project was placed with a very similar name – DigiSole, the product of which were virtually indistinguishable insole design and exactly the same destination.

    The project, unfortunately developers failed miserably, not having achieved almost no funding. A feeling that the company is trying to get his “by hook or by crook.”


    This is a program that runs on computers and mobile devices, aims to help people control their chronic diseases. by chronic diseases daily responds to several specific questions for his case. Paying data entry a few minutes each day, the user can always see the full history of the disease, to establish the relationship between the state of health and the reception of certain medications, and get personalized recommendations specific to his case.

    Organize information in graphs can be printed out and show your doctor. The data will be useful for the doctor, as he can see how the user was treated and what conditions it was accompanied by since the last visit. To create a visual history of the health of the user uses algorithms developed by medical researchers.

    Also on the site or in the annex patients with similar diseases may discuss medications, recipes, methods of maintaining health. Medications will be assigned to assess and shape Ratings – thus suffering from chronic diseases, users can find the most suited to their needs and treatments.

    Who development Flaredown specializes in Crohn’s disease and arthritis revmatoznom, but after starting the promise gradually expand opportunities to work with most chronic diseases.

    Although the campaign until the end of the collection is still about two weeks, on account of the developer already collected the requested amount of $ 25,000 and we can hope that soon this system will be implemented before the end.

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