Edifier Studio R2800 – Acoustic Studio 8

Edifier Studio R2800 – Acoustic Studio 8


    As a result, line development Studio Design Bureau Edifier provided enhanced model tri-band Acoustic Studio 8, or Edifier R2800, based on the 8 “woofer, instead of 6.5”, successfully applied in the model Studio 7.

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    After analyzing the feedback received during the year from the user model R2700, the designers managed to embody all the novelty R2800 streamlined technologies, offering users more powerful modification.

    The total capacity is increased not by much – now it is 140 watts vs. 128 watts for the R2700, but increased caliber bass woofer promises deeper and more fundamental.

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    Case size had to be increased proportional to the volume of the resonator bass – of a speaker. Therefore hope to get a deep and droning bass area should plan for this model.

    In the picture, both beauties – Edifier R2700 and R2800. You can see the difference in size for those who already have experience of listening to R2700 and imagine how solid, thorough and fundamental than looks new.

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    Bass reflex ports on both models are directed forward, which greatly facilitates the installation of speakers near the wall, the outer shapes and colors correspond to the selected first classical concept. In most cases, a neutral classic design speaker appears appropriate and fits into any interior.

    The cases are made of high quality material, to be exact – from MDF. (medium density fiberboard; Engl. MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard). I must say that the quality of this material may be markedly different. To avoid increasing the cost, many manufacturers use cheap stuff.

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    Acoustic properties thus significantly deteriorating and MDF boards themselves contain harmful impurities that may lead to poisoning of the human body, especially under the influence of vibrations. Some companies even use of extruded chipboard waste content of harmful substances in which more and acoustic properties worse.

    They can absorb moisture from the surrounding air and lose shape, deform. Edifier MDF uses only the highest quality class E0, absolutely do not contain formaldehyde and other toxic substances.

    Together, let us consider in detail the components that provide surprisingly harmonious and balanced sound trehpolosok Edifier.

    Bass and midrange speakers are made using a composite cone with a paper-based foam in the form of corrugated ribs, quantity, density and shape of which is designed for complex laser Klippel and optimally relevant to the task.


    In the picture fragment woofer R2800. Under the microscope, it generally similar to what that space technology, however, it is for these technologies, and it is made.

    Specifications woofer from Edifier R2800 could decorate any speakers Hi-Fi – low resonance, low-quality, long on soft suspension – it is capable of high-impact and low distortion to reproduce the deepest bass …

    Midrange is similar to that used in R2700, it is installed in a sealed cup with a small amount of damping material to ensure isothermal regime. The front panels are made of MDF for the sample in a dense installation bromide.


    Midrange reproduction provides a very important frequency range. In the mid-field of voices and acoustic instruments. Introduction MF bands, greatly improving the naturalness of sound and simultaneously unload bass and tweeter from “heavy” for their work on MF.

    Otherwise, the sound of voices would be a compromise – the requirements to the emitter of medium and low frequencies are markedly different.

    Midrange itself has a size of 4 “and is made with the same technology that woofers series Edifier Studio.

    Speakers are installed flush with the front panel and fit perfectly into immidzh speakers. Close just above midrange visible sensor on the unit control, covered circular brushed cap, and above is a tweeter – ¾ “tweeter with silk dome radiating surface and a rare earth magnet.

    This small size of the tweeter is made possible because of the MF band and frequency offset section HF higher than usual it is practiced in two-way speakers. ¾ “provide wider than 1” tweeters radiation pattern, a higher frequency of self-resonance, extended up band playing and low distortion.

    On the back side of each speaker Edifier seen stamping and marking model. All speakers are magnetically shielded.

    The front panel is covered with a decorative plate columns of acoustic tissue. Viewed through it forms the speakers, which gives a beautiful columns and solid appearance.


    Manage columns, adjust the volume, treble and bass, input switching is located on the side of the active speaker in a recessed niche. Selecting the source by pressing the volume control, as evidenced by a color change indicator light.

    Edifier R2800 R2700 as its predecessor has two channels of analog inputs, optical and coaxial interfaces. They are located on the switching panel, on the rear surface of the active speaker.

    Analog Inputs are fully isolated from each other, selecting the active input source switch is made electronically.

    All e-waste is similar to filling and well-proven model Edifier R2700. This fully digital path controlled by the processor. Power amplifiers with PWM, ADC for analog inputs and organizing digital crossovers high order.

    Between active and passive speakers connected professional five-wire cable with XLR connector.

    Other way to connect the three-ampingovye AC does not work, because each is its dynamic conductor, and to the bass – just two – it is connected in a bridge circuit to produce more output.

    For the user, the use of such quality cable – free supplement to good speakers – no need to buy more good cable separately. Unlike cable R2700 length increased to 2.5 meters, and a direct XLR connector is replaced by the corner – so speakers can be placed closer to the wall.

    If you remove the woofer and look inside the active speaker will be visible down transformer power supply (traditional decision endorsing audiolyubitelyami) damping material on the walls of the acoustic chamber, connecting wires and depth of the column – the electronic board amplifiers.

    We should also consider the card. It is secure, all joints missed the mark sealant that provides a seal and no rattles.


    Fee is based on modern technology, partly SMD mounting. Small radiator – this whole heat required to remove heat from the amplifier class D. Additionally ponder radiator airflow from the port FI, the greater the flow, play louder than the speakers and the more this radiator heats up – almost perpetual motion

    Additionally, there is analog input board with mounted thereon ADC.

    Crossovers are not used in conventional columns – LC output, and digital, high-order and phase-line. Need for phase linearity is known to any student, but the higher order filter – it is rarely used, even in Hi-Fi method is more reliable separation of bands.

    It is quite expensive with traditional analog implementation and capricious to configure. Application processor in one fell swoop decided all these difficulties. Now each speaker “fed” almost perfectly filtered signal, allowing it to sound as well as possible.

    Frequency response graph shows high linearity sound promising “omnivorous” this model for each genre, neutrality and high fidelity. Just on the graph can be estimated tone control range treble and bass.

    More work is well illustrated by the speaker impedance graph included in the overall frequency response graph R2800. By the nature of this curve (LF impedance) that the reflex port of this model is set to about 42 Hz, which is lower than the R2700.

    From this graph can also be podcherpnut that midrange crosslinked with bass estimated at 350 Hz, which is significantly higher than it was at R2700, and the frequency response graph midrange speaker in this case is clearly marked trend toward high-frequency region – that is as radically different from the organization of the MF link predecessor R2700. Just significantly higher “stitched” midrange and tweeter speakers.

    Pay attention to the schedule frequency and impedance level bass Edifier R2800. The graph shows that the columns have very minimum amount for normal 8 “speaker. But a bunch received correctly, the bass unit is very high quality.

    Like all speakers overall from Edifier, R2800 is packed in two cardboard boxes. Outdoor (bottom) transport and inner box with printing of high-quality multi-layer board.

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