Dutch startup offers pay Bitcoins nod

Dutch startup offers pay Bitcoins nod


    A young company from Holland – Eaze – Google Glass owners offered an interesting method of payment all sorts of accounts – a simple nod of the head.

    Голландский стартап предлагает платить биткоинами кивком

    Startup issued the appropriate application (still in beta) for “smart points” Google, used to pay for QR-code, got in sight and movement, perfect user’s head as a trigger for payment (except nod remittance can activate and the phrase “OK Glass, make a payment”).

    So far, due to ease of operation with the payment system, supported only kriptovalyuta thereof, but in the foreseeable future plans including integration with other systems that provide access to paper-currency (euro and dollar) purses. In particular, cooperation is possible with PayPal.

    Powered by the moment the system in such a way (the most banal script) you come to the restaurant, spend there time before the need to pay bills. The representative of the restaurant (which certainly supports Bitcoin’y, of course) generates an account for you using Bitpay (or other POS-provider). When the bill gets in your field of vision, you can nod or say cherished phrase “OK, glasses, pay” points and consider the application code from the account and make contributions. It’s very simple and natural.

    The company plans to not only Google Glass, but also all kinds of smart phones, “smart watches” and other portable computers.

    The choice of institutions and enterprises, supporting Bitcoins are not so great as we would like. But the tools for quick and easy payment of bills are starting to appear, which Eaze is a perfect example.

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