Dreams have learned to control the electrical stimulation of the brain

Dreams have learned to control the electrical stimulation of the brain


    Surely the reader heard of such a curious thing as “lucid dreaming” (or “lucid dreams”). Dreams in which the sleeper is aware that he is asleep and can control their actions and thus influence on the “story” of sleep. This interesting feature allows you to see very strange, vivid and memorable dreams. Furthermore, this technique can be applied not only in the “entertainment” purposes, but in medicine.

    Сновидения научились контролировать электрической стимуляцией мозга

    According to a new study conducted by a group of German universities, lucid dreaming can be stimulated electrically affecting certain areas of the brain sleep. Moreover, amenable to such stimulation, about 70% of recipients, that is, most of the people.

    Some people have mastered lucid dreaming without any stimulation from the outside and learned to “Login” in dreams in a natural way, using various tricks. Also previously held a variety of experiments on this subject – the researchers were trying to induce lucid dreaming by meditation, setting alarms peculiar calculated at the time of entering certain phase of sleep and so on.

    Anyway, the scientists noticed that the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain people seeing lucid dreams, experiencing increased activity in the process. However, some skeptics believe that lucid dreaming – nothing more than a small scraps of dreams arising mixed with ordinary dreams in the process of so-called “REM sleep” and not an invasion of the kingdom “honest”, deep delta sleep, which occurs before 80% of all dreams (their people almost never remembers upon awakening).

    Сновидения научились контролировать электрической стимуляцией мозга

    In the new study, several German universities asked 27 men and women spend a few nights in the laboratory, under the supervision of researchers. After the subjects were in a stage of REM sleep, where most memorable after waking dreams, certain areas of the brain electric shocks. Stimulation of the frontal and temporal current shares at a certain frequency (25 to 40 Hz) led to the emergence of 70% of the subjects Lucid Dreams. When electricity is not served or had a different frequency, no recipient saw a lucid dream.

    Сновидения научились контролировать электрической стимуляцией мозга

    Lucid dreaming frequency, affecting the brain – 25-40 Hz – provides the most obvious effect. “Sham” – the amount of lucid dreams when current flows, but without the necessary frequency.

    This study shows that:

    A higher order of consciousness depends on the frequency range of 25-40 Hz.
    Lucid dreams are initiated and controlled by the regions of the brain responsible for consciousness and self-consciousness.
    Range 25-40 Hz indirectly confirms that the “typical” gamma rhythm is indeed related to the work of consciousness (a theory already existed long before the current study).
    Сновидения научились контролировать электрической стимуляцией мозга

    Device production tDCS, required for logging in Lucid snovedenie. Kinda Oculus Rift for late risers

    It is worth noting that the study was very short in duration. In the long term impact on the psyche and the body condition of constant stimulation of lucid dreaming is not yet known.

    What does this scientific work in practice now? For example, an excellent remedy for those suffering from chronic nightmares – control over the dream in a dream will think of something good and not feel bad feelings.

    To further the prospects, the study gives a lot of interesting information and new knowledge about the dream. Who knows, it may even bring a future where we will see interactive dream, dream with “registered” story, or perhaps even “record” dreams for future replay.

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