Dos Owls ODIN – Projector with OS Android

Dos Owls ODIN – Projector with OS Android


    Dos Owls ODIN — проектор с ОС Android

    Dos Owls Company introduced projector ODIN, which is interesting because it is running an operating system Android KitKat 4.4.

    The device projects the image brightness of 115 lumens, providing a picture size of 75 inches at a distance of 2.7 m from the screen, or 125 inches at a distance of 4.5 m from the screen.

    “heart” of the gadget is a quad-core processor. ODIN is able to connect to the Internet using a technology Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth support enables wireless connection of various devices – speakers (included are 4-watt steam), microphones, mice, keyboards, etc. There is also a USB-ports HDMI, and audio output for headphones.

    The only drawback Android-ODIN projector is that it is a concept, and from May 29, the developers plan to start fundraising for its release through the service Kickstarter.

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