DESKA – board for urban surfing

DESKA – board for urban surfing


    There is nothing worse for fans of snowboarding and windsurfing than a concrete jungle of modern cities. What to do when it is impossible to get out into nature?

    DESKA — доска для городского серфинга

    The authors skeyborda DESKA going to answer the question.

    Their unusual board makes it fun to ride in urban environments. With the wind and sail.

    Platform Made of carbon fiber and aluminum. It is easy enough (despite the impressive size). The wheels are designed in such a way that ignores almost all the irregularities.

    DESKA — доска для городского серфинга

    The main feature – a unique braking system. It allows you to make a stop for a few moments. What is much more effective than the traditional methods to slow down (the sole of the shoe, and so forth.)

    Advanced maneuvers and tricks on DESKA perform much easier.

    But the most amazing “trick” – to set sail. This is done for 10 seconds. Then you can cut through the streets, as if by sea. If you do not calm, of course.

    Like all the fun things the last time, you can not buy a board. For mass production of the required amount of 20 000 dollars. Developers are trying to raise money to help users (site Indiegogo).

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