Deliveries of Chromebook for the quarter rose by 67%

Deliveries of Chromebook for the quarter rose by 67%


    Mobile Computers running Chrome OS, continue to gain in popularity. In any case, such a conclusion can be made by looking at the data of the report prepared by the experts of ABI Research.

    According to estimates of ABI Research, Chromebook delivery in the last quarter were 67% more than in the quarter before. It is expected that the growth for the year will amount to 100%.

    Acer Chromebook CB3 Chromebook 11

    Market Leadership Chromebook keeps company Acer, outstripping supply company Samsung, HP and Dell, also producing the products. It is noteworthy that only three companies – Acer, Samsung and HP – in the first half of the year provided 74% of deliveries Chromebook. It is expected that the composition of the “triumvirate” to the end of the year will not change.

    The secret of success Chromebook analysts see the desire of consumers to have an inexpensive and easy PC functionality differs little from the classic notebook.

    However, doubts about the ability to precisely Chromebook fill this gap led to the slow growth of sales in the initial stage. Interestingly, the main demand for Chromebook still accounts for corporate customers, including representatives from the education system.

    Thus, in the Asia-Pacific region and Eastern Europe enterprises buy 75% of the Chromebook. However, these regions do not make the weather in the market. According to ABI Research, this year 78% of all sales Chromebook will have on North America.

    Source: ABI Research

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