Crestron has released an advanced remote control home

Crestron has released an advanced remote control home


    Crestron introduced a new remote control TSR-302, designed for control of home automation. Newbie focused on the upper price segment and is characterized by an abundance of nice features. Let’s start with the fact that in addition to the standard hardware buttons control has its own 2.8-inch touch screen, which is not only used to display the different controls, but also to run the built-in applications.

    Furthermore, the display can be used to display streaming video or images from surveillance cameras. Another bonus – the combination of microphone and speaker that lets you use the device as an intercom. And TSR-302 is able to recognize voice commands.

    Crestron TSR-302

    Among other features should be noted backlit keys, and technology support Crestron Extended Range, providing a larger scope. The console has its own battery, which is fed by a special docking station.

    Reloaded the inductive method, that is, without the use of a wired connection. Finally, we note that the TSR-302 works with all current products and systems safe from Creston.

    Price trends is not made public, but it is strongly dependent on the sales region and greed dealer.

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