Craftsman assembled apparatus for printing gift

Craftsman assembled apparatus for printing gift


    Handy device for printing collected souvenirs. Printing of plastic for 3d-printer takes from 15 minutes to several hours, writes gadget news blog

    Nicholas Khristenko house assembled 3D-printer with which you can print three-dimensional “image” – figurines of plastic.

    According to teacher computer-Technology College, the idea of ​​a miracle machine at home, he spied for the British, but with the help of technology layering build three-dimensional objects is now available to every enthusiast’s first capital.

    I love technique since childhood, but the idea of ​​creating 3D-printer came just over a year ago. All electronics, engines and other parts ordered from the online stores in China, and to build the necessary information sought on the web. It turned out it’s pretty labor-intensive occupation: from inception of the idea to its realization and took about six months.

    Most of the time spent on the wiring, and when the printer is already working on the computer commands, I began to develop special programs for computer 3D-models “- explains Khristenko.

    On the details to the home printer Kharkov spent about $ 500 buying the finished device would cost $ 1000-3000.

    By the time the process of “print” three-dimensional shapes takes 15 minutes to tens of hours – depending on the complexity of the object. According to Nicholas, first you need to fill a plastic fiber and start the machine.

    Extruder – analogue printhead on regular printer – melts the material and moves above the table on the right path, leaving a thin strip of molten plastic, which immediately freezes and forms a figure.

    Applied layer by layer, and eventually get the desired thing “- explains the scientist.

    It turns out, this way you can “print” any figure up to 20 centimeters. For example, a toy airplane, a nozzle on the grinder, jaw model made on MRI scans of the patient, and even spare parts for most 3D-printer.

    In the near future creative teacher – refilled printer not only plastic, but also to recreate objects in chocolate, wax and even gel with stem cells for printing of tissues, as well as to build a machine for processing plastic pellets.

    Where to study

    Modifying 3D-printer at home, Nicholas Khristenko learned about the opening of the club in which the Kharkov art can implement the boldest ideas, and is now helping to create the same machine to others. “On Wednesdays, we show a device that collected themselves.

    For example, 3D-printer, cutting machines, which perform actions using the computer, as well as different types of antennas, with which you can receive signals from space. And every Thursday at 19:00 Krasin street, 4, we conduct free classes in electronics for those who want to self-assemble the device evaluation.

    To participate simply register on our website in social networks “, – told the” Today “club organizer Dmitry Biryukov.

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