CPS called SELF cause of the spread of lice

CPS called SELF cause of the spread of lice


    Kursk management Rospotrebnadzora posted on its website a message that the development of modern technology is not the last place among the causes of the spread of the phenomenon of pediculosis, in other words – lice.

    It would seem that current conditions allow people to maintain personal hygiene at a high level and not facing the same problem, however, is still pediculosis often found in children and adolescents, explains the CPS.

    In this case, as the causes of the spread of this unpleasant disease indicated that other, as a hobby SELF.

    On the website of the department indicated that the cause of the spread of lice among adolescents become self-infatuation photograph in which joint survey group of teenagers or couples facilitates transmission of the parasite by touching their heads, because it is the main route of transmission of lice.

    Of course, we can hardly expect that modern teenagers perceive Rospotrebnadzora advice seriously: recent craze SELF gaining momentum – is reflected in the design of mobile devices, the front camera which is becoming a higher resolution.

    It’s not clear yet what the fashion trends of modern technologies can cause fear Rospotrebnadzora – perhaps it is time to stock up Tin foil hat.

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