Coin CoinGuard look after your valuables

Coin CoinGuard look after your valuables


    Company Pilot Labs presented on Kickstarter is a curious creation – CoinGuard. It is extremely simple security system based on wireless miniature sensors.

    Round sensor that size barely exceeds a large coin, reacts to the slightest change in its position by sending a signal to a special hub that is connected to the Internet.

    Next to the mobile device owner receives alarm message. Compact and easy sensor allows you to place them anywhere – for example, in your wallet.


    For communication with the hub sensors use protocol Zigbee, power supply acts removable battery, which is enough for a year of work. Himself hub connects to the router via a network cable.

    With developers words, the distance between the sensor and the base station may reach one hundred meters. It is noteworthy that the hub is able to communicate with other devices on the Pilot Labs – ” smart ” lights, smoke detector and various highly specialized sensors. In addition, the developers promise to add support IFTTT.

    Shipment of the first copies CoinGuard scheduled for the end of this year.

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