Code lock Emtek Liscio configurable via Bluetooth

Code lock Emtek Liscio configurable via Bluetooth


    Emtek Company started selling a new door lock Liscio. At first glance, it differs little from the traditional solutions, but on closer examination it becomes clear that the new product stands out from the gray mass: on the outside of the handle, there are five tiny buttons with which dials to open the door.

    Is given a secret code with a mobile device running iOS or Android, as the communication protocol performs Bluetooth. The user can specify up to 20 codes, and the castle will keep a record of who and when he opened the door.


    As a new power supply uses a standard 9-volt battery. The main body of the gadget has an LED which alerts a low battery. Outside the castle can also be opened using a conventional key inside the lock mechanism is controlled by rotating the latch.

    The outer part of Liscio is protected from moisture, so that the lock can be safely embedded in the door opening onto the street. New product is available in three colors – bronze, nickel and chromium.

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