Cartoon South Park moved into virtual reality

Cartoon South Park moved into virtual reality


    Мультфильм South Park перенесли в виртуальную реальность

    This news may appeal to all fans of the animated series of scandalous “South Park.” Popular show was moved to a different – virtual – reality. Of course, without a helmet Oculus Rift has not been the case.

    The project was named VR South Park. Its developers have come up with an initiative that involves the creation of a cross-platform game engine for the above device. They managed to literally revive hometown Kenny, Cartman and other favorite characters to the public.

    Why did you choose “South Park”? The answer is simple: the team turned a lot of fans of the tape. So the work went quickly, in a positive (not hard to imagine!) Atmosphere.

    The result of their efforts is intended for research (primarily) with the Oculus Rift VR. But if a helmet is not possible – there is a chance to use the browser version (with a typical PC control – keyboard plus mouse). This kind of “demo”.

    Users can access all religious locations – from Tom’s Rhinoplasty to City Sushi. Go through the familiar streets with the effect of total immersion in 3D – a unique experience.


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